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New condo development makes buying easier

August 22, 2012


A new condo development in the northeast community of Bridgeland is making it easier for some Calgarians to buy a home.

That’s because you don’t need to make a down payment.

McPherson Place has an arrangement where the down payment is carried by a non-profit organization for 10 years instead of the prospective homeowner.

After the 10 years, the unit is sold at market value.

Judy Hoad, chair of INHOUSE Attainable Housing Society, said everyone deserves a home.

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Bridgeland boon

January 21, 2011

Having a home you can call your very own is one of life’s goals, but these days, buying your own home seems so out of reach for a lot of us that we end up stuck in the rental rut. But a new development in the historic neighbourhood of Bridgeland shines a light on a bright idea that not only makes housing more attainable but teaches valuable life lessons as well.

One of the biggest hurdles to homeownership has always been the down-payment, which — at usually five per cent of the total value of the home — turns out to be an unassailable roadblock to a lot of people, especially the young who are just starting out to live their own lives.

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Affordable housing in the Bridges

November 4, 2010


Soon after the General Hospital was imploded, the initial talks on redevelopment of the area suggested sites would be made available to build attainable housing for those who were working but could not afford the down payment and mortgages necessary to own a place of their own.
The Bridges was launched, but construction began on mid-range properties and, although they helped determine the future of the Bridgeland district, no developer was willing to purchase land from the city to invest in building lower-end products. In-house Attainable Housing Society has become the first.

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