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Own your home in McPherson Place!

March 16, 2015







Want to own your own home AND live in the vibrant neighbourhood of Bridgeland? At McPherson Place, you can do both with our shared equity model!  It is simple to qualify and our wait list is growing fast. Get in touch or register with us today and you could soon be moving into your very own suite at McPherson Place. Find out what it is like to benefit from homeownership with INHOUSE Society!

Home, attainable home

March 1, 2014

A huge success, McPherson Place sold out in six months, with 58 units going to the Calgary Housing Authority to be rented out at affordable rates.

Homes were sold to qualified purchasers for between 65 and 70 per cent of market value with zero down payment. The remainder of the home’s equity is owned by InHouse, to be bought out at the end of a 10-year period.

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Shared equity model helps young professional become a Homeowner

November 1, 2013

Zac Trolley owned a condominium in Calgary but sold it and took on student loans to study engineering. Upon graduating and starting an entry level job, he found that housing prices had risen considerably, and it was now more difficult to find suitable housing on his own.

“I was starting at the bottom of the ranks. It was challenging to find a place I could afford,” Trolley said. “I was living with my parents ’cause I didn’t want to move three or four times looking for the right place.”

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When Buying a Home Becomes a Realistic Choice

September 1, 2013

At present, InHouse has completed one project, McPherson Place, a 160-unit building in the inner-city neighbourhood of Bridgeland on lands purchased from the City at market value. Due to the non-profit designation of InHouse, payments to the City for the land are deferred for 10 years.

“The value of the not-for-profit is that we can negotiate relationships with government, whereas a developer can’t,” says InHouse founder and president of the society Judy Hoad. “You can’t do that with a private sector developer — at least, in my view, you shouldn’t.”

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