Sarah has been living in a rental suite for 10 years and is ready to buy her own home. However, even with her steady and moderate income as a nurse, Sarah is having difficulty accumulating a down payment for the traditional buyer’s market.

Sarah decides to buy a suite with INHOUSE. The market value of the suite is appraised at $250,000 and Sarah’s equity is made up of 65% of this price. The remaining 35% equity is shared between the deferred land payment and developer’s equity and also serves as the down payment.

Sarah is approved for a mortgage worth $162,500. INHOUSE helps with the purchase process from getting her final mortgage approval, to the closing process and moving into the building. Once Sarah takes possession of her suite, she is responsible for her monthly mortgage payments, monthly condo fees, and property taxes.


Sarah lives happily in the suite for 3 years. She then decides to get married and move with her partner to a new neighbourhood. When Sarah decides to sell her suite, INHOUSE has her suite appraised for a re-sale. The suite’s full market value is set at $300,000.

Sarah’s 65% equity is now worth $195,500 making the increase for her share $32,500. After paying back or transferring her mortgage, Sarah can take her equity gain and use it as she likes, as a down payment on a new house, as an investment or to keep for her savings.


Disclaimer: This information is for use as an example only. Individual projects and sales are subject to changes and will have different results.