What is Shared Equity Lender Financing?

Using our innovative Shared Equity Lender Financing (SELF) tool, we support prospective homeowners on their path to buying a home. Purchasers enter into a shared-equity relationship with the SELF group and gain unobstructed home ownership and enjoyment of their individual homes, while contributing to their equity with a reduced and more affordable mortgage payments.

SELF empowers pre-qualified and approved purchasers to move into homes with no upfront down payment costs. INHOUSE is dedicated to supporting and working closely with qualified homebuyers, from the application process to move in day.

Once you contact us for more information or to see if you qualify, we will send you a SELF application form. This form gives us information on your income, living expenses and financials and will help us certify that you meet all the INHOUSE qualifications. Once you are qualified and a suite is available, the SELF application is sent to the bank for mortgage pre-approval with one of our banking partners. We are committed to keeping all information submitted by SELF applications confidential and if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.