Who We Are

INHOUSE Society is a non-profit organization with an innovative solution that provides moderate income earners the benefits of home ownership. Our innovative shared equity model bridges the gap between the rental and homeownership market and contributes to an affordable housing solution.

We aim to create new home equity opportunities and empower thousands of new homeowners throughout Canada. We believe that home ownership should be an option for everyone.

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide market quality new homeownership opportunities to low and moderate earners looking to build wealth through equity.


As housing becomes less affordable in areas close to employment centres and amenities, residents move further out, resulting in increased household transportation costs and an impact on healthy lifestyles, a clean environment and a connection to community. For low to moderate income earners home ownership is a key way to establish stability for their family, gain independence, and build wealth through the creation of equity.

Our housing program is self-sustainable as it does not rely on taxpayer dollars nor does it require government or external operational subsidies. Our shared equity solution is long-term, provides market quality homes and helps moderate income earners build wealth through equity and homeownership.

How We Help

How We Help

We fill the need that exists between rental housing and market rate home ownership. We collaborate with communities, municipalities, lenders, the Province and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to assist moderate income earners in qualifying for a reduced loan-to-value mortgage and zero down payment in order to achieve homeownership.

INHOUSE strives to design, build, and develop vibrant shared equity housing projects that are integrated into their respective communities.

We work to pre-qualify prospective homeowners and are with them every step of the way through the application and sales process. INHOUSE provides a trademarked self-financing tool (SELF) that empowers qualified new homeowners with unprecedented access to start building home equity and create wealth.

INHOUSE also endeavours to counsel and educate new homeowners on the responsibilities of homeownership and act as a resource. Finally, we participate on the Condominium Boards of all projects to oversee the policies, occupancy, and sales of the suites, as well as protect the intent, value, and purpose of these shared equity housing properties.


INHOUSE was launched as a not-for-profit society, registered as Bridge Attainable Housing Society, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a city renowned for its vibrant economy and associated affordable housing challenges.

With expanding housing opportunities across Canada and the USA, INHOUSE is actively looking to work with other cities and communities. Please visit our Future Projects page to see what INHOUSE has in development.